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Due to the disruptions by Covid, we have cancelled Webflow Intensive Cohort program. Stay tuned for our Webflow 360.

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Is Webflow Intensive Cohort still ON?

Short answer is NO. The June 6th, 2021 Webflow CBC planned earlier is cancelled, given the current context.

However, it is not a simple NO. Originally the intensive program, as the name suggests, was planned to be value packed, done in a short period with live instruction and a cohort.

That requires learners like you to have much attention, energy and a scheduled time to get the best out of it and find the joy of learning Webflow experientially in a cohort. We felt it is inhumane to ask for such commitment during these trying times.

We can always do our Intensive CBCs later. However in one’s career, time once lost cannot be recovered. We understand that learning is integral to grow and earn. So what’s the alternative?

Introducing Webflow 360

Programs can take a pause but learning need not. It feeds our curious brains and helps us in so many ways.

And for those who’re hungry to learn, connect, do, grow, earn, we thought long and hard to bring you something that would help you attain the needed skills at your pace in a more affordable manner.

To put it simply, it is a one-of-a-kind self-paced Webflow program designed by team Xperian where you can learn all the fundamentals, practice variety of cases at your pace and use integrated “Build-along” sessions with the Instructor to apply your learnings skilfully.

Packed with all the concepts of Webflow, the course has a holistic, value-driven approach to learning. It still aims to place you among the skilled practitioners in the industry, something only cohort programs could do so far.

We couldn’t be more happier with what has come out, especially after your thoughts and asks over the past few weeks. We think it will help you grow even through the lows.

What Next?

We will send you the details of the Webflow 360 with curriculum, launch dates and more shortly.

We will continue to run the Weekend Webflow Workshops (Webflow 101) once a month to help you get started before you take the 360.

For those who attended the WWW already, the Webflow 360 program will refresh and build on your fundamentals and take it several steps further with real-world cases, applications and getting industry-ready.

If you’ve applied for Webflow Intensive earlier, we owe you a deeper analysis of your application along with the details of upcoming Webflow 360, so that you can make an informed choice.

If you're new, get notified directly when we announce Webflow 360.

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a pause for a cause

A deadlier second wave of Covid hit us and our fellow Indians in an unprecedented manner.

In this period we lost thousands of people. We are struggling with only hundreds of oxygen concentrators to depend on. We don't have seconds to spare on anything other than covid emergencies. Our own families got affected and by grace they are recovering well. Now is when we need all the support.

Time, attention and energy are the most valuable resources we have and right now our families, friends and larger community need it the most. Hence the long pause.

While we continue to contribute to everyone’s recovery and wellbeing as best as we can, we are also constantly thinking about you. In the light of current context we made some important changes to the planned program, keeping your learning and growth in mind.